Soma Immerse exists to see young adults thoroughly gripped by the Gospel, resulting in a re-orientating of their priorities toward saturating their city with the presence and power of Jesus.


We believe God is calling and preparing many young adults today to bring about Gospel saturation in their communities through word and deed.  Spending the summer as an Immerse resident will help further clarify the calling to God’s mission for young men and women, and equip them to lead disciple-making missional communities in everyday life.


The summer experience is about total immersion in the Gospel, including classroom training, life on life discipleship, and missional life in new everyday rhythms.  This training is experienced in the context of living with Soma families, partnering with existing missional communities, and practicing leadership while serving the city with a missional heart.




-- Learn how to understand the story and context of a city

-- Learn to tell your personal story and, when the Spirit moves, the Gospel win of that story.

-- Know why and how we serve and partner with organizations in the city to serve the city.

-- Opportunities to serve the body, the leadership of the local church

-- Personal development (reading, writing, and planning)

-- Receive processing, coaching and mentorship

-- Learn the importance and necessity for shared leadership

-- Serve in a variety of contexts, including working with students in our chruch




Because this is a high capacity leadership level training specific to Soma’s paradigm for missional communities, we primarily recruit those coming from a church context that is committed to missional communities as a primary source of discipleship.  We also recruit those that have the gift and call to lead, and desire to live life in a missional community in their context.  We do require references from local leadership to affirm leadership and calling.  This is not necessarily a call to be an elder/pastor, but a call to lead somewhere in bringing the Gospel, community, and mission together in a local church to create reproducing disciples.




One thing distinctive about our Immerse is that we have missional communities participating in an urban setting in the city of St Louis, in a suburban setting of both St Louis and Jefferson Counties, and one in rural southern Jefferson County, so regardless of your context, we have something for you.  We will discuss and train all three because we never know where God may send us to plant and serve.




-- Host home provided.

-- A magnificent retreat and some our relationship-building social outings provided.

-- Most meals provided.

-- Internship Cost: $400.00 per single individual

                            $200.00 due by June 1st. 

                              $200 for a local Bridge Network resident (not requiring housing, all due June 1st)



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