Soma Intensive 

June 24th, 2017


Saturday is open registration.  Very much like a 201 One Day for entire staffs to be trained.  Will contain a lot of 101 One Day material to catch up the uninitiated.  


Cost for Saturday is $50(paper check with address). This does not include lunch.

All debit card transactions for $55.00 can be made via this link:

Please mail all checks to City on a Hill | 2138 Ridge Dr. Arnold, MO 63010



08:30  Registration Begins

09:00  Worship begins

09:30  Why Soma?  What is Happening with Soma that can help local churches do what they have been called to do?

10:00  Soma School 101 Review

10:30  Gospel Fluency & Everyday Gospel Conversation

11:20  Break

11:40  Spirit Dependency & Spirit led conversations

12:30  Lunch (on your own)

02:00  Training MC Leaders (Then, coaching MC Leaders)

03:00  APEST & Shared Leadership

03:30  Q & A

04:00  Optional DNA Training


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